Our Services

Entertainment Law.

We are very competent to assist our clients navigate the ever-dynamic media and entertainment industry space.  We advise a wide range of key players in the media and entertainment industry on legal and regulatory matters.  We provide transaction support services from conception to execution of media and entertainment projects. We hold the hands of our clients and are with them from start to finish.  Our services include;

  • Music Distribution and Publishing Transactions;
  • Legal and Transaction Support Services on Film Production;
  • Record Contract Drafting and Negotiations;
  • Negotiation of Sponsorship Deals;
  • Third Party Licensing; 
  • Merchandising Agreement Drafting and Negotiations;
  • National and International Touring Transactions;
  • International Licensing;
  • Talent Management Advisory;
  • Digital and Online Entertainment Transaction Agreements among others.

Corporate and Commercial Law.

We have expertise and experience in corporate and commercial law to cater to our clients’ needs and business demands. We offer bespoke and high-level advisory services in:

  • General Corporate and commercial transactions;
  • Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance;
  • Joint Ventures Transactions;
  • Major Contracts;
  • Privatisation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Foreign Direct Investment

Intellectual Property Law.

Our firm provides extensive legal services in the protection of Intellectual Property. We are resolute and steadfast in ensuring that the priceless and invaluable intellectual property of our clients are appropriately protected and properly monetized within legal limits.  Our broad Intellectual Property Law practice includes the provision of the following services;

  •   Handling applications for  trademark registration in Nigeria.
  •   Representing Clients in opposition to trademark proceedings;
  •   Handling applications for copyright registration;
  •   Investigating copyright ownership;
  •   Handling patents application for registration; 
  •   Drafting IP Proprietary Agreements;
  • Intellectual property policy advisory.


Our firm is properly positioned to provide clients with top notch legal and transaction support services in the fast paced and dynamic field of technology law. We have expertise in the provision of services which include;

  • Advising in the off take of equity in startups;
  • Providing assistance in obtaining requisite permits and licenses;
  • Technology procurement, licensing and transfer;
  • Advising on funding and securitization;
  • Advising on regulatory issues and compliance;
  • Advising on data protection and cyber security.


We represent the biggest fashion brands out of Africa pragmatically. We ensure that our Clients conduct their businesses in the most bankable manner. Some of the services we provide include;

  • Design registration and protection;
  • Collection Launch advisory;
  • Model engagement negotiation;
  • Negotiating and drafting manufacturing agreements;
  • Advising on marketing and third-party engagements;
  • Negotiating and drafting design production agreements;
  • Brand protection and policing and
  • Advising on styling and drafting pull agreements.